How to use onion oil for hair

About onion oil

I started researching about hairfall conditions and remedies back in 2012 when I started experiencing grave hairfall. I have talked about it 3 years ago in my blog post already but would like to talk about this continual problem again.

I think hairfall, hair thinning and other related problems are very common nowadays. It’s very important to know the cause before you can find a remedy. Understanding the reasons for hairfall will guide you to prevent or manage living with this problem.

However, this article concentrates on one of the most effective remedies for hairfall irrespective of the cause and that is using onion oil.  You will find numerous articles on the benefits of using onion oil for hair. I’ll try to give you a simple introduction on this topic.


Sorry , I have edited this post to remove this part . The oil that I make and sell now is exceptionally formulated by me and I don’t want to share the recipe anymore .

How to use it
This oil is very concentrated and you should use it on your scalp only. It doesn’t smell very good.

Benefits of using onion oil

Onions are packed with two amazing ingredients – Sulphur and Quercetin that can help boost hair growth.

Our hair is made up of a special protein called keratin – which is high in sulphur. The presence of sulphur gives hair its strength and elasticity; while lack of it may cause weak, brittle hair that is easily broken. Sulphur also enhances  blood circulation  and carries oxygen and nutrients to scalp – so hair can grow healthy and strong.

Onions are also surprisingly high in plant nutrients called quercetin – this is a powerful antioxidant and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to get rid of free radicals which can harm the cells of the body (including hair cells). It also protects our hair and skin from air pollution and other toxins.

Besides, onions are a good source of biotin (often termed as the ‘hair growth vitamin’), flavonoids, manganese, copper, vitamin C, phosphorous, and folic acids – all of which are very important for healthy and shiny hair.

It has been scientifically shown that topical application of onion juice can help with hair loss. A study published in the journal of dermatology looked into the use of onion juice for alopecia areata (an autoimmune condition that causes patchy hair loss). Within six weeks of using onion juice, 84% of participants experienced new hair growth in the bald spots. Men had better success with this treatment than women.


  • Onion juice helps to improve hair growth by boosting the level of an antioxidant enzyme catalase. This enzyme helps to decompose hydrogen peroxide, whilst optimizing the hair growth cycle.
  • It helps to nourish your hair follicles with its rich content of sulfur. Sulfur is essential for the regeneration of your hair follicles.
  • The rich sulfur content also helps to minimize hair thinning and breakage.
  • The antioxidants help to  reverse premature graying and delay graying.
  • Onion’s rich antibacterial properties help to  keep your scalp healthy , free of infection and promotes unhindered hair growth. These same properties also help control dandruff.
  • Onion juice stimulates your scalp and improves the circulation of blood, resulting in follicles that are well-nourished.

Things To Remember

There is no fixed rule on how often you should use this oil , but try to use it  3 times a week for 6 weeks to notice changes. Every person is different and results will vary. Be  patient , eat well and smile heartily.

All [the best

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